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Title: acorns
Post by: jackie on Sep 17, 17, 12:03, PM
hi guys, my names Jackie, I live in the south of England, I haven't joined in with you all for years, (where have those years gone)??? anyway, I've lived here 22 years, only had slight problem with acorns in autumn, this year, blankets of them in nearly every field, i'm out there acorn picking all the time, having to keep ponies in two small paddocks that don't have the acorns, besides hand picking them up, or scooping them up, anyone know of a quicker, less back aching way to clear them, I have 4 Shetland miniature ponies, and I standard, I dwarf, I stallion, all lovely quiet boys, somebody please tell me theres some sort of modern machine to pick these little devils up, I really will try to get on here more,such a lovely site,

Title: Re: acorns
Post by: sue moore on Sep 22, 17, 01:47, PM
Hi Jackie, we have one paddock that has an Oak tree in, we just get the horses/ponys off and leave the acorns to the squirrels, works for us, beats bending down to pick them all up ;D

Title: Re: acorns
Post by: jackie on Oct 03, 17, 12:15, PM
hi sue
thanks for replying, ive just wondered down into my bottom field, theres at least 5 oak trees there, i'm not sure where to start,and I have three other fields the same, the two I've fenced off, isn't quite so bad, but still buckets full, thank goodness we fenced them off, ponies getting pretty bored though with the little paddocks they are in, but hey ho, better than being ill, truly must be a bumper year around here for acorns, I think i'll invent a machine for these acorns, could be a millionaire, haha,  :)