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Title: How is everyone........
Post by: Linda Emmerson on Jul 14, 14, 10:36, AM
So quiet on here, how is everyone doing?

We have had a quiet year so far,  we have been dogged with injuries over the past 8 months, Acorn did his hamstrings last November and was finally fit May, not to be left out Nuts has pulled hers end of May and is on the slow road to recovery, Charlies had a feint attempt at joining them and strained his a couple of weeks back hes well on his way as nothing like as bad as the others, all field injuries but has meant we have had nothing fit to show -  Tess is fine as always, although suffering with the flies this year!

Emm is still now off the lead with Acorn at home, she is finally getting the better of his ambient nature and they both seem to be enjoying it - not ready for the show ring yet, but as long as they are having fun and hes worked then I'm happy :)

Fighting the weight this year thanks to mild winter - all on restricted grazing as the girls came out bigger than they went in with no extra feed.

Come on then, that's us - how are you all doing?

Title: Re: How is everyone........
Post by: Erin on Jul 15, 14, 12:25, PM
Hi Linda I am not the only one with injured shetties then lol. I sent my stallion Jazz off to be broken in to drive and he got a bit too keen and pulled a ligament down his back leg so every time he walked his leg would make a massive arch out and round just to move it forward so he has been having physio to sort him out I was told to keep him turned out so he didn't seize up and it seems to have done the world of good so I can start bringing him back into work again now he has 1 last appointment tomorrow and that should be it but as a result I haven't been able to show him this year either so he has one show in September to go too which is Newbury so fingers crossed he will be ready for that.
I have 2 ponies for sale my beloved Flash who I will burst into tears when he goes as he is my foundation stallion but due to having IVF at the beginning of the year and thankfully it worked we have our first baby on the way hence why a couple have to go along with Flash is his half brother Sparticus who I will have to say goodbye too as well.
I lost my best broodmare back in February she aborted her foal 6 weeks early on my birthday then didn't recover so when the vet came out the next day he found a tumour next to her kidneys when he scanned her which explained the sudden weight loss over the period of a week and explained the abortion so unfortunately she had to be put down. I still miss her. I will also have to say goodbye to Mini Me which will also be heart breaking as I have had her for 10 years this October but her shoulder is getting worse and she never got over losing her friend so keeps going in and out of depression we also don't know how old she is but looking at her she maybe well into her 20's she is a rescue after all. So it's been an up and down year so far. I never knew how difficult it would be to sell stallions or colts as mine have been advertised for ages now and I have heard nothing even though one is a driving pony. never mind i am sure the right home will come along soon xx

Title: Re: How is everyone........
Post by: Linda Emmerson on Jul 16, 14, 04:18, PM
Good to hear its working out for Jazz, and big congratulations on the IVF working out, friends of ours where on their last round and yep  Twins - one of each - they are spoilt beyond belief, but after all they went through I can't blame them. When is baby due?

Sorry to hear about the loss of your broodmare and about mini me - life can be **** at times!

Have you thought of Gelding - if having trouble with them being entire?
Some just don't have the facilities to keep an entire, maybe you could offer to Geld at cost........

I am just pleased someone has replied to this thread, I honestly thought the tumble weed had taken over.

Title: Re: How is everyone........
Post by: Erin on Aug 06, 14, 01:43, PM
hahaha lol I am due on the 29th september I was going to enter Jazz into Newbury but would probably go into labour half way round the ring hahaha its a week before im due so I am going to call showing a day for the year but will be back next year lol at least i will have popped before the indoor driving season starts hehehe I have offered to geld in my add but still no takers shame really hes a nice boy.