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Title: is it just me.........?
Post by: liz00 on Apr 08, 13, 09:29, AM
I took my mini shettie to our first show of the year yesterday and was pleased to be placed 2nd in our class but was a bit put out when I heard the judge whisper to the winning shetland owner "you may want to check his near side hind he looks lame" now is it just me or does this seem wrong to place a lame pony in first place?

Title: Re: is it just me.........?
Post by: Linda Emmerson on Apr 10, 13, 03:18, PM
Yes if definate showed lame, from what you say it might only have been something the Judge saw in the movement but not enough to class as definate lameness,l much dependent on what was in the rest of class , breed conformation etc - a few drops on points for movement may not have affected the tot up dependent on the conformation mark

I am glad I show and don't judge..........   I have experienced some very strange judging over the year, well done on your 2nd place - onwards and upwards..........

Title: Re: is it just me.........?
Post by: Louise White on May 01, 13, 02:43, PM
Showing can be a nightmare. At the end of the day we just want to know how to improve our ponies in order to be able to stand a fair chance. I always appreciate a judge who will take the time to tell you why your pony has been placed where it has and find most are willing and able to do so.
If I had been you I too would be cross as several years ago, having had a pony win both her classes and be put forward to the Championship, I was devastated when on her trot up she struck a piece of flint and went instantly foot sore. The judge was beside herself as she asked us to leave the ring as she said that our pony was her chosen winner up to that point. In my mind she was being a fair and good judge as no one should accept a lame pony being a winner.

Title: Re: is it just me.........?
Post by: Margaret Smith on May 10, 13, 12:49, PM
When in the past one of my horses went lame in the ring the judge asked me to leave as she could not judge a lame horse. he must have hurt himself in the box as was sound when we loaded him that morning. I would not place a lame horse.